How effective is your business communicating with Stakeholders?

How well do you communicate with your stakeholders, both internally and externally?

Are you tracking your communications?

Can someone else easily access these critical updates or are they stuck in your head/outbox?

Inefficient communication can cause untold damages to your team’s productivity and customers satisfaction.  Hours or re-work or searching for updates, countless calls/emails chasing information you have already been given before and escalated complaints due to issues not being proactively managed are all outcomes of not maintaining an effective communication history on your jobs.

A fairly common feature in most (if not all) workflow management and CRM platforms is an audit/history of communications and the ability to add notes to a job/contact file.  But these are only as effective as the users, requiring the file manager to keep these up to date and to enter correspondence into that file.

With our job management platform, Prime Ecosystem, we try to reduce the manual data entry and processes to increase productivity for our clients.

We have achieved this with the following features:

  • Integrated SMS service, send pre-configured templates to customers and contractors with all responses uploading directly to the job file;
  • Integrated Email service, also allowing for replies to the emails to be loaded directly to the job file, including all attachments and message content;
  • Automated Notifications to the Job File Owner to advise of new correspondence being received;
  • Full history available on each job file, plus quick view of the most recent notifications on the landing page (Overview) when viewing a job file.

If you communicate effectively, you will build a more positive relationship with your customer and mitigate the risk of an issue or error becoming damaging to the relationship or your reputation.

If you would like to see our communication tools in action, contact us today on 1800 338 266 or to organise a demonstration.

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