Managing Appointments is easy in Prime

When storms and catastrophes hit it’s vital to manage the booking of appointments, to assist your company, maintain KPI’s with your clients, and also assist the people who have been affected by these events. Whether that’s Makesafes, Assessments, Repairs, you name it etc, being able to schedule your staff to optimise productivity, travel, and workload is something we know is important.

We’ve recently added a great feature in Prime Ecosystem we call “Appointment Lineups” to easily manage the booking process. Building on our existing Maps feature, our Appointment Lineups allows our users to:

  1. View relevant jobs on the map
  2. Create a lineup and add jobs in – and assign this lineup to an assessor/supervisor
  3. Order the lineup to find the best route – by distance or time – see it on the map
  4. Book the appointments for those jobs (on the same page)
  5. And if the appointment can’t be booked, just take it out of the lineup – easy!

Reorder and we’ve saved some time and distance:

The best part of this is, you have visibility. On the map, easily see all of your jobs, which jobs have an appointment booked, and importantly which jobs don’t. (We colour code the markers to make this easy). Of course, you can filter the jobs by address, catastrophe type, job type, client/insurer, status (and many other options!).



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