Managing Quotes In Prime Is Easy

We’ve recently upgraded our Prime Quoting module to make the quoting process even better.

It’s a smooth process for requesting:

  1. Create Estimate
  2. Create a Quote and Send
  3. Review/Approve the Quote
  4. Create and Send a Work Order

And a smooth process for receiving quote requests with our Prime Sync module:

  1. Receive Quote – so pre-filled items – no need to manually enter it
  2. Enter your prices, add items
  3. Submit

In Prime it’s all linked together, so you can keep track of quotes and due dates, compare quotes received, approve/decline. Our clear interface makes it easy to manage.

Key benefits of our quoting module:

  • See Profit Margins based on your quote values and your estimate values
  • Add due date to ensure you don’t miss your deadline – this is also tied in with our task dashboard so a task is automatically added for that date
  • Add manual items to quotes (so items not in your estimated scope)
  • Create hard copy PDFs with our easy to use Form module – set up templates to save time and ensure consistency. A couple of clicks and it’s done
  • Send/email the quote with one click – we pre-fill the email based on your preferences and templates
  • As with everything in Prime, our consistent user interface makes it easy for new people to be quoting in no time

You can quote me on all of this 😉


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