The new tool that will transform your business…

This is not a drill…….(sorry for the pun)

As someone who has been involved in technology for the last 10 years, I love shiny new purchases such as the latest phones, laptops, smart watches and countless other great products being released every other day.  They look great, smell like Christmas morning (is that weird?) and has the promise of making my life immediately and irreversibly better…

How much are you spending to keep your toolboxes up to date and staff productive? Are you buying the newest hammer drills, more powerful circular saws or some other new time-saving piece of equipment that you see at Bunnings when going for a sneaky sausage in bread…

But how about your systems and technology?

Most trades these days have already made the move to cloud based accounting such as XERO, Quickbooks, and MYOB….these tools save you time, money and frustration.

But just like you can’t use a hammer as a drill, accounting packages cannot always effectively manage other aspects of your business, such as resource allocation, estimating and managing subcontractors and repairs.

So why not invest in a tool that will give you the capabilities to effectively manage your business, staff and contractors and reduce bottle necks, delays and misinformation.

We have built Prime Ecosystem exactly for this purpose; it is a simple, effective and smart tool that allows building and trade companies to manage their businesses more efficiently.  Many builders are still trying run their business on paper files, excel spreadsheets and keeping critical information in their heads.

So how do we make your business more efficient?

Transparency. Automation. Tracking.

Sounds simple?  That’s exactly what it should be.  Not every business needs Drones and Artificial Intelligence; sometimes simplicity is the best type of innovation.

Prime Ecosystem is the hardest working tool in your toolbox…

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