Attendance Tracking For COVID

It’s been a while between posts – in that time Prime Ecosystem has continued to add features and make life easier for our users.

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Attendance Register

This update for Prime Ecosystem was fast tracked to assist our VIC clients with the increased data capture now required – but of course can be used by all of our clients!

The Attendance Register allows for all stakeholders attending a site to digitally sign in and out of the property via a shared link. Once saved to the persons device, this link can be used automatically across all Prime entered jobs with a full register being saved against the job and a global register for the company.

Our clients can also link one of their custom built Site Forms to be completed as part of checking into the property.

Simple and able to be completed by anyone that is involved in the claim/repair process. Real time updates and data available if it’s needed to be provided or required as part of a WHS audit.