Prime Estimating – The Need For Speed

We all know the quote from Top Gun!

“I feel the need, the need, for speed!”

To kick off 2018 we wanted to make Prime Estimates even better, and it’s all about speed.

Some systems, after a feature is done, it’s done. It might stay the same for years! Technologies get faster, specs improve, computers get faster, and peoples expectations also change.

So why should you be stuck using something written with years old tech?

We wrote the original Prime Estimating system just over a year ago (so not entirely ancient!). Sure, we could just sit there and say it’s done, it works, why change it? But here at Prime Ecosystem we are always looking to make things better. Some exciting tech advances in the past year have allowed us revisit Prime Estimating and make it even better.

As we roll-out the updated Estimating over the coming month I thought it would be a good idea to review what makes Prime Estimating so fast, so good, so powerful, and so easy to use.

Speed With a Simple Interface

Clean, clear and simple.

For all the bells and whistles of a feature it still has to be intuitive and easy to use. Prime Estimating is just that. Clean, clear and simple.

It allows you to quickly put together your estimate:

  • Add categories, trades, and items
  • Drag and drop to reorder
  • Change prices, units, quantities
  • Adjusts margins
  • Open full screen mode to give you more space
  • Copy or move items easily
  • And a new feature – Add markup

Speed When Adding Items

Pick the trade, and type in your item. Easy.

An easy one line input allows you to add items easily into your estimate. Pick the trade and type in your item. Easy.

We also give you the option to view your site photos on the same screen – so you can easily:

  • Pull up all the photos
  • Add in your items based on the photo
  • And move on to the next one!

No more forgetting about that crack in the wall that you spotted as you left the site; and no more jumping back and forth between your photos and your estimate. No-one has time for that hassle!

(And since the Prime system is mobile friendly it’s also very easy to take photos on site with your phone and upload the photo straight into the job with our fast and easy Prime Upload Queue feature)

Speed With Recipes

Create a recipe and add all items with one click!

Something else that makes Prime Estimating fast is the ability to create what we can ‘Recipes’. So instead of manually typing out the same items each time for the same type of job, you can create a recipe and add all items with one click!

One example would be doing a Plasterboard Ceiling Replacement. You know that there will always be items like “Remove and replace cornices”, “Remove damaged plasterboard”, “Prepare for paint” etc, so simply add these items to your recipe. Easy.

Speed When Adding Markup

Adding Markup just got easy

Something new in the updated Prime Estimating is Markup. An easy colour system lets you see what items have markup, and you can click these buttons to see and adjust your markup. You can even set a default markup for you material and labour so we’ve made the process faster and easier. Adding Markup just got easy.


Prime Estimating – fast and easy.

Thanks for reading!


(PS: If you’d told me when I was a kid that I would write an article mixing Top Gun, estimating and programming I would’ve thought that was weird but cool..probably)

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