Prime Events and Actions Can Automate Your Business Process

We all like events.

Grand Final Day, Melbourne Cup, Harry and Meghan’s Wedding.

Well in Prime, we really like the ‘Change Status Automatically after Booking An Appointment’ event. Now, that’s an event!

Automated Events

Ok, I’m not the best at jokes, but with Prime you can set up an event like the one above in your workflow to easily automate your business process actions and outcomes. It prevents doing multiple manual actions every time for the same thing, like changing a status, adding a reminder etc. This of course is time saving, and ultimately money saving as well.

An Event Action could be something like:

  1. Booking first appointment
  2. Uploading a specific document type
  3. Generating a form
  4. Creating an Allocation
  5. Etc

We have quite a few to choose from!

An Event Outcome could be:

  1. Changing the status
  2. Creating a reminder
  3. Populating a milestone e.g The milestone is ‘Site Attendance Completed On’ datefield
  4. Etc

Workflow Actions

As well as setting up Events, you can also add other actions when a job goes into a status.

E.g. You have a milestone ‘Excess Invoice Sent At’ that you want to capture, you can create this milestone only after the job goes into ‘Works Started’ status.

It’s easy to set up actions and events in our Workflow Designer, a simple to use flow chart type interface.

So there you have it, automating events and actions in Prime in easy.

You can see more of Prime by organising a demo.



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