Recent and Upcoming Development

Thought I would do a post about some of the features we have recently been working on and also a few quick points on some things we have coming up.

Styling revamp

Something I love is UI/UX and we’ve recently updated our interface with a new look and feel which I think looks great. The end goal here was to make the platform visually clear, easy to use, and easy to navigate. We’ve also added some new dashboard widgets allowing our users more insight into their day to day work.

Roll out of estimates revamp

As already mentioned in Prime Estimating – The Need For Speed we have rolled out the new estimating feature. Thanks to all of our users who sent us feedback – it enabled us to tweak things, which has made it even better.

Upcoming – in the next release we’re adding the ability to export the estimate in excel and End Data formats

Work Order revamp

In line with our Estimate revamp, we have done the same for Work Orders. I’m a big believer in improving and not resting on laurels, especially if there is scope to make things better. The existing Work Orders feature had a good year, and in that time we gained knowledge about how our Prime users were creating work orders, what worked well, and what could be improved. We took this feedback and implemented it.

  • Clear profit percentage for work orders
  • Adding items not in the authorised scope
  • Linking generated work order PDF
  • Improved Interface

Upcoming – we’re streamlining the work order process even more with a one click ‘Send Work Order’ feature – pre-filling an email and automatically attaching the generated PDF



Managing licences, insurance and compliance is so important for our users and we have again listened. This is something that has been on the cards for a little while and I’m pleased we have got this completed so the start of the year. It’s easier than ever to add compliance documents, expiry dates and notes etc. As part of the ecosystem (Prime Build, Prime Assess, and Prime Trade) it is easy to keep track of all of your tradies/builder licences. Don’t get caught out with an expired licence again!

Upcoming – Integration with our instant notification feature so there will be realtime alerts before licences expire

Prime Trade

Some exciting work has been done for our Prime Trade portal – allowing even more integration between Prime Trade and Prime Build/Assess. So getting quotes and reports, allocating work, and sharing documents and data is getting faster and easier. The roll out for these should be about 2 weeks away.


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