Recent Updates In Prime

It’s been a while since the last post, but things have been moving along very well here for the Prime Ecosystem. I thought I’d share some of the updates and future development happening…


It’s easy to share documents and forms in Prime. You can simply create a ‘Share Link’ and then send that link in an email. You can add multiple documents in for the one link. You can also turn off the sharing at any time as well. So this is handy for large documents – not more send email errors because the attachments are too big!

Share documents, photos, videos and more

Company Assets

Keep track of all your company assets easily in Prime. You can add items to your asset register and assign them to users or jobs – and view them all on an easy to follow timeline and map.

Add items, set details, and assign to users or jobs


View all of your assets in the Map view to get a clear idea where everything is

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is such an important thing, we have added a WHS module so you can easily keep track of any incidents or issues. Link these to Allocations/Work Orders, link Documents and more.

Keep track of WHS issues

Prime Sketch

This update was a good one for us, something a bit different from the usual coding! We added plenty of options so you can sketch on-site, draw over photos, easily highlight important issues, add measurements, change grid sizing, add doors and windows, move things around and more. I grew up using MS Paint, and I dare say this is a bit more advanced!

Add photos, draw lines, measurements, highlight, re-order and more


The calendar and has a bit of a revamp too, we’ve added a few different item types e.g. Appointments, Reminders, Calendar Items, Work Orders etc, we’ve added the user photos for easy viewing. Click on the items to view/edit. There is a timeline view also making it easy to see when your staff or subcontractors are free.

View all of your important appointments, reminders, work orders etc on the calendar

Mobile App – Coming Very Soon

We’ve been developing the Prime Mobile App and this is getting closer to release. It is coming along very well and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of our users! Here’s a quick Work in Progress photo I took, and yes that is Bill Murray 🙂


Rhys – a Front End guy for Prime Ecosystem

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