Getting Sign Off From Customers is Easy With Prime

Getting sign off from the customer is important, and Prime has made it easy.

Of course you can do it the old fashioned way of send the customer an email with the document attached – they download it, open it, print it, sign in, scan it, and email you back the attachment…

But this has many cumbersome steps and is so much hassle!

Prime has simplified the sign off step massively with our all online digital solution

1. Generate the PDF you need signed with our Forms module – it’s easy and you can set up templates as well. Then just share this as a link.

Prime - Generate and share

2. You can now email your customer the easy to read link, or if you’re on site simply open it to view!

Prime - Share this document easily

3. Once open, your customer can sign it right on the screen of their tablet or phone, and submit it.

4. We automatically notify you and upload the document against the job.

Prime - Signed documents are automatically add to your job

5. Done…Easy.

Prime is here to make your job easier

We are always working on our system, improving, and adding new features.

Get in touch today!

Cheers, Rhys


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