About Us

Market leading repair & job management software

Prime Ecosystem Pty Ltd (Prime) was established to respond to a need in the insurance industry for a collaborative ecosystem that allows insurers, adjusters, brokers, supply chain partners and policyholders to coexist and seamlessly interact using a common platform.

The Prime platform has now evolved into the largest and most comprehensive insurance claims supply chain software solution across multiple markets, globally.Purpose-built by claims and construction industry professionals, Prime has been specifically designed to address our client’s current and future operational challenges. Continual compliance, functional and service enhancements ensure our clients and their principal work providers always receive future-proof product support that delivers correct first-time outcomes and low-touch claims processing in line with changing industry dynamics.

We’ve also made Prime the most configurable solution by adopting a low-development approach and removing double-keying and disparate processes. This allows our clients and user groups to tailor dashboards to their unique workflows and easily integrate other software like MYOB and XERO, resulting in optimal job autonomy through an effortless setup.

Keeping partnerships people-centric is another area we focus on, so our Prime account management team is on hand to help clients create their ultimate insurance claims supply chain interface. This includes support for a seamless Prime transition from outsourced business analyst and program management services. The outcome is total job management efficiency and stakeholder accountability from a single-source insurance claims supply chain solution that also helps grow your business and profits proportionately. A win-win all round.

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Who we are

We are a multi-skilled professional team based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.


CEO & Co-Founder

Paul Brandis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Prime Ecosystem. With 20 years in the Insurance Claims and Repair industry, Paul has used his experience and industry knowledge to design and deliver a state-of-the-art job management ecosystem designed specifically for the insurance supply chain to enhance their business and claims outcomes. Paul oversees the strategic direction, product roadmap and key client relationships internationally.

Our Difference

Our Values

Be the experts

We are the global experts in insurance claim supply chain software, delivered by a highly qualified team that infuses ingenuity, integrity and reliability into everything we do.

Be the difference

We do it differently by offering clients a user-friendly software interface based on single-source simplicity that leverages valuable opportunities through streamlined job delivery.

Be the innovators

Our quest to constantly innovate creates state-of-the-art job management solutions designed to improve the client experience and lead industry transformation.

Be the person

We strive to bring the human touch to a technical space by proactively communicating with clients and always being available to personally respond to individual requests.