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Welcome to the Prime Community

Working in construction can be hard. Working together can make it easier.

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Prime Community
Welcome to the Prime Community. Working in construction can be hard…..working together can make it easier.

A True Community

Prime Community is a place to connect with people in the construction industry.

Connect with people who understand what you face in your job. People who get your sense of humour.

Post on the Noticeboard

We all use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but why read and share on those sites, when you can connect, bond and share with people in your line of work!

Have a laugh, share a tip, tell people about an upcoming event, or even have a gripe about something, the community noticeboard lets you interact with people who get you.

Send and Receive Work via Prime Ecosystem and the Community

Something that sets Prime Ecosystem apart is the ability to Sync work between contacts, and Prime Community will take that to the next level!

From the Prime Community, subscribe and get added to the Company Register – a directory where other companies can add you as a contact and send you work, thus leveraging the great benefits of Prime Ecosystem. Manage jobs, create estimates and sync them back to the job owner with one click. Easy!

No more long email chains. No more hassle trying to share information about a job.

Being a part of the Prime Community is a great way to build your business, build your contacts, and feel a part of something.

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